EloCheck: Inline/Online measurement of optical densities

EloCheck is an automatic bypass-photometer for continuous analysis of cell suspensions and chemical solutions. Flexible polynomic functions allow the calibration to free definiable units like CFU/ml, g/l, NTU etc. EloCheck provides various ways of measuring, storing, viewing, comparing and exporting of optical data. A convenient comparison with previous fermentations grants a user-friendly control of reproducibility and optimal improvement of the yield quality.

The integrated high-end sensors and the optimized measuring cuvettes allow a real-time recording of optical densities of 70 and higher (OD10 mm) without any further pipetting or dilution steps.




Advantages of EloCheck:

  • Direct tracing of cultures without any pipetting steps
  • Cuvettes with thickness less than 2.1 mm for optimal measurement
  • Maximized precision based on multiple signal recordings (internally up to 60 per minute)
  • Acoustic and visual alarm, when cultures reach defined optical densities
  • Integrated data base management with viewer function
  • Export to Excel and other programs
  • Report generator (print out or optional *pdf)
  • Variable data smooth function for graphical output
  • Chemical-resistant and autoclavable measurement circuit (bypass / cuvette / connectors)

Areas of application:

  • Protein expression
  • Competent cells
  • Plasmids
  • Quality assurance
  • Data presentation for protocols and publications
  • Many, many other fermentation strategies