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µCheck: Precision in Bacterial Analysis

The µCheck system is a cutting-edge solution designed for precise bacterial analysis in bioprocessing. It offers real-time insights into cellular characteristics such as size, concentration, and biomass. This technology is especially beneficial for optimizing bioreactor conditions, ensuring product quality, and improving overall process efficiency. Its ability to provide rapid and accurate measurements is crucial for industries where monitoring microbial growth and health is essential.


  • Real-time Analysis
  • Precision Measurement
  • Process Optimization


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µCheck is an advanced system for real-time bacterial cell analysis, offering precise measurement in various bioprocesses, suitable for multiple bacterial species.


EloCheck offers automated, precise optical density tracking in cell suspensions, enhancing analysis in various fermentation strategies.


EloFerm, a bench-scale fermenter, offers easy, precise fermentation with integrated online photometer and advanced data management capabilities.


EloTrace offers real-time electrooptical analysis of bacterial cultures, enhancing cell activity and morphology understanding for diverse fermentation applications.
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