EloFerm: Schnelle und einfache Fermentationen im Labormaßstab

EloFerm is a bench-scaled fermenter package with all necessary features for cultivation, processing and data recording. The intelligent software ensures an easy employment. The control monitor provides various ways of measuring, viewing, storing, comparing and exporting series of cultivation data. EloFerm does contain an implemented inline/online-photometer for continuous recording of the optical density (biomass, cell concentration…). With the integrated alarm function you will never miss the right points in time for induction or harvest.



Many advantages of EloFerm:

  • Direct handling and comparing of two cultures simultaneously
  • Fast and convenient measurement of optical density, pH, temperature (optional: O2 concentration)
  • Fast self-adapting regulation of pH (acid, base or both)
  • Easy and secure handling and calibration
  • Photometer unit and full glass cuvette optimized for cell suspensions
  • Acoustic and optical alarm at adjustable optical densities
  • Direct calibration of free definable units (like CFU, g/l, NTU, offline laboratory OD, …) with flexible polynomic and exponential functions
  • Storage of all results and corresponding data
  • Data export to ASCII, Excel, *.pdf etc.
  • Automatic report generator
  • Robust and highly stable
  • Splash and water resistant

Areas of application:

  • Protein expression
  • Production of other biosubstances (DNA, RNA, Biomass)
  • Production of vaccines
  • Production of starter cultures, probiotic and competent cells
  • High density fermentation
  • Quality assurance and process validation of fermentations
  • Many other fermentation strategies